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You are shopping for a home. But you called the listing agent, instead of hiring a buyer’s agent (or buyer’s specialist).

Stop calling the listing agent. Here is the simple reason why:

The contact information located on the sign, flyer or web page which advertises a home for sale is usually for the listing agent, the agent that represents the seller. Why is this bad for you? Simply because the listing agent’s duty is to protect the seller’s best interest – not you!!! At best, it is a conflict of interest. At worst, you can be taken advantage of.

I’m a Buyer’s Specialist and I can help with your real-estate transaction. So, what does that really mean? Well, a Buyer’s Specialist, also known as a Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s Representative, primarily focuses on you, the purchaser, and your needs. Dedicated to the Buyer, that means there’s no conflict of interest.

Even when the company/team has a listing that the Buyer is interested in, I represent you, the Buyer, not the Seller…so technically – GAME ON! It is not my job to sell you a house – you already decided you were going to buy one. My job is to be your advocate.

Great Buyer’s Specialists know how to get the information you need and how to negotiate the best price and terms for you. Your Buyer Specialist will also have access to the inside info that maybe you don’t already have, like MLS (Multiple Listing Syndicate) details, photos and comparisons.

Agents already network with other agents – it’s amazing what a working relationship with other Realtors® can produce when it comes to motivation, urgency, extra details not listed, etc. Or time saved by not having to drive around looking at houses with signs in their yards and getting frustrated because the sign doesn’t say if the home is still for sale, or almost a closed deal.

This is our career, and most of us really love what we do – which means, we’ve invested in ourselves and plan to stick around for a while and we take our position seriously. In addition, there are different levels a Buyer Specialist can take to set themselves apart: like becoming an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) or a Master Certified Negotiation Expert. The list goes on and dedicated professionals seek to be the best prepared for their client’s sake and that means you get the best!

Now think about the last time that you encountered someone who was ‘One in a Million’? Or who gave you ‘priceless information’? What about someone whose hard work was ‘worth their weight in gold’…and it was relatively free.

It sounds too good to be true but actually, the Buyer’s Agent gets paid by the Seller’s agent, so it costs the buyer very little. Why wouldn’t you want a full-time professional with negotiating skills and an understanding of the documents, timelines, operations and outcomes, representing you during one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime?

Buying a home can have some stressful situations along the way, so when you are considering all the important items that you will need to address, why not let your trusted Realtor do the real-estate part? As a Buyer’s Specialist, I do this every day and take courses to better my education and understanding.

It’s my responsibility to help you with the things that you aren’t familiar with. I’m a point of reference for you… Now, later and for your next buying and selling experience.

Elizabeth Cherry is a Buyer Specialist with Excelsior Associates at United Real Estate Southern Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Contact her at 520.808.1313
Find some of her current real-estate listings at:

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