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Pros and Cons Of Owning 2 Homes

As with any investment, there are always pros and cons. That is also very true when it applies to real estate. Here are a few things to consider:


  • It is a good first step in building your investment portfolio.
  • Your second home may be in your favorite vacation spot and could produce income when you are not enjoying it.
  • You have a second home that is used by other family members, such as college-age students or aging parents.
  • If you the second home is a rental property, someone else is paying down the loan while the home value can appreciate.
  • You can take your time and move-in when you want, if you own another home.
  • There are additional tax advantages to owning real estate that you do not live in. Talk to your CPA.


  • You will have to qualify to hold two mortgages if you don’t pay cash.
  • You will have more than one property to take care of for maintenance and up keep.
  • Naturally, you will have higher insurance premiums.
  • Your insurer may not cover a vacant home.
  • Real-estate is not a liquid investment. If you need the equity to cover an expense, it could take some time to sell the home.
  • You may have to rent it out for a period of time and deal with tenants.
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