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Want to Buy New, but Need to Sell?

To use the Builder Trade-In Program, first call us at (520) 338-8836. Call us before you visit the builder  if you want to minimize your costs and hassles and keep your options open.

Builders pay us from their marketing budget, so the price of your new home will not go up when we represent you. However, if we are not your representative on the new home purchase, we can’t provide our Special Offers.


One of our investor resources will simply purchase your home at a mutually agreed-upon discounted price and you buy a brand new home with one of the builders we work with. (Equity is required.)

List Assist:

We list and sell your house at a reduced fee and you buy a brand-new home with one of the builders we work with.


We provide you with the tools to lease your home. We pay the fee to find a tenant and write the lease for 3 years at no cost to you. (Equity is not required.)

Are you moving between cities or states? We have a national network of agents. We have custom-tailored seller solutions to fit your individual needs.

Click here to learn more or schedule a no-obligation consultation. You can also call us directly at (520) 338-8836.

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