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What to Know Before You Go

First, we can’t be as helpful if you go to see the builder without us. Much of what we can do for you is contingent upon us visiting the builder together on your first visit.


Whether or not you have equity in your current house will help determine your options. Also, the amount of money you have saved for the purchase of your perfect brand-new home will help determine your options.

Do you want to keep your current home?

Investment minded new home buyers can decide to keep their existing home and rent it out, if they qualify.

Should you buy a new home first and then sell?

Or, is it better for you to sell first and then buy? Some home buyers are better suited for buy first. Many must sell first, no matter what.

Market Conditions

You need to know the market conditions affecting your current home and the brand-new home you want. The two homes probably face different market conditions even if they are in the same city. All local markets have a variety of different influencing factors.

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