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The Case of 801 E Camino Alberca, Tucson AZ 85718

Consider the case of this 2-story house situated in the Foothills of Tucson, one of the most sought-after areas of our city. The address 801 E Camino Alberca is situated in a “golden square” bordered by 1st Avenue on the west side, Swan Rd on the east side, Sunrise on the north and River on the south side.  There are multiple million-dollar properties in this area, but also affordable gems, built towards the end of the 80s.  This is the case of this house, which sits on a lot of 2/3 acre of prime property land with gorgeous mountain views.

We made a video of it, and here it is:


Listed for a $500K price tag, it is surprisingly affordable in this area. This house has a lot to offer, incl. an open kitchen, 4 bedrooms, a family room with an electric fireplace, a very large driveway and a 2-car garage. But most of all, it has a huge backyard and a large, separate den (mother-in-law), which is rare in our city. The backyard features a heated pool and a spa: all you need with a family of 4-5, with a work-from-home parent.

Sync’ing with the Builder Trade-In Program

If you were the owner of 801 E Camino Alberca and wanted to sell it to buy a new construction home, this house would typically be the type of family home the Builder Trade-In Program would gladly consider putting on the market for you while your brand-new custom home is built to your specifications (or as you move in into your new construction home). We could also help you rent it and use the rental income to offset a large part of the monthly mortgage payment on your brand-new home.

The kind of resources our real-estate team offers to market the home you plan to leave — whether you sell it or your rent it — makes it much easier for you to move into a new construction home (custom or not) because we remove the uncertainties out of the deal, and take care of not just one side of your real-estate transaction (buying a new home) but also of selling or renting your current home.

So, if you do own a home of this type, do not hesitate to call us to discuss the ins and outs of your plans to move into a brand-new construction home or a custom home. In view of the significant monetary benefits we offer on the builder’s side, we strongly advise that you call us before contacting a builder directly. Rebates, incentives and cost savings are typically not made available by home builders: they give us all the cards to help you benefit from the best conditions. And we add multiple layers of expertise, financial engineering, market resources, market advertising, etc, to take care of the selling or renting of your current homes.

801 E Camino Alberca is listed by Elizabeth Cherry of Excelsior Associates. She can be reached at (520) 808-1313 to discuss anything you want to know about both this beautiful home perched in the Foothills of Tucson, and anything related to the Builder Trade-In Program, its incentives, rebates and cost savings.

About the Builder Trade-In Program and Excelsior Associates

The Builder Trade-In Program (https://buildertradeinaz.com) is a unique alliance of real-estate broker United Real Estate of Southern Arizona® with multiple home builders in the region. The program is designed to help families who plan to move into a brand-new home and rent/sell their current home, by doing the work necessary to find a buyer/tenant, negotiating the purchase price of the new construction home, finding a suitable mortgage loan banker, and helping the family move from one home to the other while saving as much money as possible on costs.

Excelsior Associates (formerly The Parrish Team) is a high-performance team of Realtors® who have dedicated their lives to helping home buyers find their dream homes and sell their old homes. Excelsior Associates bring buyers and sellers a rare combination of real-estate expertise, knowledge of local market conditions, real-estate marketing resources, and professional resources making moving in and out of a home a much easier endeavor.

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